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Alaska educators are being encouraged to adopt a new educational model that claims to be more child centered. Coined “Whole Child,” the model was developed by ASCD, an educational reform group that aims to transform schools by encouraging them to focus more on emotional, social and physical health issues. Promotional flyers for ASCD’s Whole Child approach emphasize broad themes about empowering students, expanding health services and meeting the needs of the “whole” child. Unmentioned in...


Drag Queens danced and posed for photos with young children during an Oct. 19 event at Anchorage’s flagship library. The seventh installment of Drag Queen Story Hour at the Loussac Library featured two men in heavy makeup, wearing wigs and exotic dresses with high heels and fake breasts. The men, who went by the names “Scarlett” and “Ivana”, were joined by a costumed woman called “Hank Vandickerson.” The three took turns reading stories that encouraged...


Health officials expressed ongoing alarm that sexually transmitted diseases continue spreading across Alaska despite a decades-long effort to curb the crisis. Once again Alaska ranks first in the country for per capita cases of chlamydia and second for gonorrhea. The annual STD Surveillance Report came out Oct. 8 providing a dismal snapshot of America overall. Nationally STD infections plagued a record 2.4 million Americans in 2018 as rates continue a five-year climb. Alaskans suffered from...


One of the nation’s leading bioethicists will be in Anchorage next week for a free public lecture entitled “Thinking through the ethics of the transgender question.” Father Tad Pacholczyk is director of the National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC) in Philadelphia. He has a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Yale University, where he focused on cloning genes for neurotransmitter transporters in the brain. He also worked several years as a molecular biologist at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical...

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