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In an effort to grant tribal leaders greater control over public education in Alaska’s Native villages, Gov. Mike Dunleavy has thrown support behind an initiative called “tribal compacting.” Announced during his Oct. 17 address in Fairbanks to the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention, Gov. Dunleavy’s plan would allow tribal governments to operate and oversee K-12 grade schools, while infusing classroom education with a “culturally rich combination of Western and millennia-old tribal education models.” The announcement...


Governor Mike Dunleavy is highlighting the choice that Alaskans have to send their children to private, public, charter, religious or home-schools. In observance of National School Choice Week the governor issued a proclamation in support of educational options across the state. “All children in Alaska should have access to the highest-quality education possible,” Dunleavy said in his Jan. 20 proclamation. “Alaska’s geographic challenges demand that, as a state, we exercise creativity in providing a multitude...

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