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Carol Szopa knows firsthand the profound healing possible for women who have experienced abortion. A registered nurse in Anchorage she has spent nearly 20 years grieving and praying with women who have endured tremendous guilt from their decision. Szopa is a long-time volunteer with Project Rachel, a faith-based post-abortion healing program that began in Anchorage in 2000. Along with 11 volunteers, she helps facilitate a nine-week program to help women recover from abortion. Project Rachel...


The following news briefs are provided to alert Alaskans of upcoming opportunities to make a pro-life and pro-family impact in Alaska.   HOW TO PRESENT PRO-LIFE IDEAS TO A SECULAR WORLD After spending 25 years serving in a former Soviet gulag town, Father Michael Shields will bring a unique pro-life perspective to an upcoming event in Anchorage. Shields spent decades working with Russian women who suffered after choosing abortion. His presentation will provide a step-by-step...


The following news items are provided to assist Alaskans in supporting faith-based and pro-life efforts to address some of the most pressing challenges in our state.   PREGNANT MOTHERS NEEDED FOR FREE ULTRASOUNDS The pro-life Community Pregnancy Center in Anchorage has received a new ultrasound machine to assist pregnant Alaskan women. As part of the machine’s installation, nurses receive three days of training. During that time, the center needs pregnant mothers to volunteer as “models”...

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