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A leading national parental rights organization, with the mission to “educate and inform the public and policymakers regarding parental rights,” is in need of an Alaskan coordinator to help introduce legislation in the Alaska Legislature that strengthens parental rights in Alaska. Founded in 2014, the Parental Rights Foundation is a research and educational institution that aims to pass legislation to protect parents’ rights to “raise their children without undue government interference.” While Alaska has a...


Governor Mike Dunleavy is highlighting the choice that Alaskans have to send their children to private, public, charter, religious or home-schools. In observance of National School Choice Week the governor issued a proclamation in support of educational options across the state. “All children in Alaska should have access to the highest-quality education possible,” Dunleavy said in his Jan. 20 proclamation. “Alaska’s geographic challenges demand that, as a state, we exercise creativity in providing a multitude...

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