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The “hierarchy of law” is an ancient concept that some laws are more important than others. In our rancorous and increasingly nonsensical political climate, everyone accepts this idea. Just which laws are more important than others, however, is where the argument hinges.   RELINQUISHING NATURAL LAW Once upon a time, in order of priority, the Natural Law reigned supreme, followed by constitutional law, statutory law, common law and, way down at the bottom, case law....

The recent trial that just convicted the third young Alaskan in the 2016 murder of Palmer teen David Grundwald is evidence of a larger phenomenon wreaking havoc across our country. Nationwide 21 deadly mass shootings killed a total of 124 people in the first nine months of 2019. In the wake of these tragic murders the familiar calls for stricter gun controls, more money for education, institutions, psychiatric treatments, drug control and prison reform filled...

As everyone knows, there are three co-equal branches to government: legislative, executive and judicial. Except they’re not. As in co-equal. Understanding correct constitutional principles is about as rare as finding an uncut diamond while walking the beach. The fact that civics textbooks, law schools, judges and the mainstream press contribute to this woeful ignorance cements it all in place, of course. Governor Dunleavy’s recent move in docking the judiciary’s administrative budget the sum of their...

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