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Our Mission

At Alaska Watchman we definitely have certain beliefs and concerns, which guide what we find newsworthy and how we go about reporting.
In particular, we believe that America’s historic Judeo-Christian heritage is a treasure to be preserved and handed down to future generations. We hold that the natural law and long-standing universal forms of morality should guide our private and public lives.

From this flows our belief that people have a right to practice their faith. This means freedom to worship but also freedom to put faith into action when raising and educating children, serving the poor, running businesses and engaging the pressing issues of our time. Faith is not merely a private affair. To restrict it as such violates a fundamental right to live in accord with our deepest convictions.

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About UsOpinionOur Angle on the News

Joel Davidson 2 weeks ago
Most journalists I’ve met like to believe they are objective and balanced in reporting all the news fit to print. This mindset is so deeply ingrained and fiercely protected that reporters just take it for granted — of course they’re objective. In reality, however, writers, editors and publishers are just people, which means they have special concerns, interests, passions and blinders. They all come with a history and set of beliefs that guide and shape...

About UsOpinionWelcome to the Alaska Watchman

Jake Libbey 2 weeks ago
This project is born of many prayers, careful reflection and late-night discussions. It’s now time to begin in earnest. As most of you know, we live in a world of rapid political and cultural unrest. Alaska is no exception. Even the most fundamental beliefs and core convictions that have guided our society are unraveling. Navigating these times requires a clear vision of the good for which we strive and an understanding of the challenges ahead....

CultureFreedomOpinionIt’s time to reclaim some of our pre-Y2K life

Joel Davidson 3 weeks ago
I came across a blank postcard the other day, turned it over a few times, and resolved to do something for the first time in many years. It’s no big deal. I used to send these to friends and relatives regularly. It seems like just yesterday. Then again, much of my pre-Y2K life has given way to the realities of the modern world. I used to write two-page letters (in cursive) to my brothers and...

About UsWhere we stand: Our mission, vision and structure

Alaska Watchman 2 months ago
Alaska Watchman is an independent news agency dedicated to providing accurate and extensive coverage of issues concerning religious freedom and speech, pro-life issues, family life and parental rights, homosexuality and LGBT issues, education and culture. Our purpose is to report on topics rarely covered by other media outlets, and with an emphasis on how these issues affect Alaskans. Our weekly online reports are available for use by numerous organizations, publications, educators, professionals and political and...


News that matters to us all

The Alaska Watchman aims to raise awareness of key issues affecting Alaskans. Coming from a broadly Judeo-Christian
perspective, we are committed to the highest standards of journalism and ethical reporting.
Our reports look to inform and equip Alaskans to effectively engage the culture for the common good. Please keep your comments respectful.


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